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It may look like I`m having really deep thoughts but 99% of the time I`m thinking about what food I`m going to eat later.
Status By: anonymous
Explain How 300 People Can Be Working At Wal-Mart But Only 4 Registers Open With Huge Ass Lines.!`
#Really -__-
Status By: Charlie
Like if you also yelled at a non living object to stay
Status By: Hannah
That awkward moment when you find out the tooth-fairy isn`t real at the at&t store.
Status By: Hannah
If you think I`m cute (like my status).
If you think I`m a good friend (comment on this).
If you hate me (message me & tell me why).
If you ever had a crush on me, be honest, (send a poke).
If you`re not scared (make this your status).
Status By: anonymous
dear radio stations instead of 45 mins of commercial free music how about 5 mins of good music
Status By: Kyle
That awkward moment when you see your crush kissing someone in front of you.
Status By: Bruno
I would beat you up, but that would be animal abuse.
Status By: Bruno
Dear Teachers, I wasn`t sleeping. I was praying. Sincerely, A very spiritual student.
Status By: anonymous
That awkward moment when you accidentally answer a call you were trying to ignore.
Status By: anonymous

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