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That awkward moment when people laugh at a joke when its not even funny.
Status By: Ricki
I don't need the stars to make my night shine, all I need is your eyes.
Status By: Lori
Love Is Fragile....So Take Good Care Of It... <3
Status By: Gigi
When someone tells you to, "expect the unexpected", slap them in the face and ask them if they expected it.
Status By: anonymous
Son: Dad, this boy in school keeps calling me gay.. Dad: Are you stupid? Why don`t you just beat him up? Son: I can`t, he`s too cute..
Status By: anonymous
The awkward moment when your sarcasm is so advanced people actually think you are stupid.
Status By: anonymous
There`s a serial killer in our house! Normal people: "CALL THE POLICE, LETS GET OUT OF HERE!" - In movies: "Lets go find him"
Status By: anonymous
It`s not that I need to manage my anger, it`s that other people need to manage their stupidity.
Status By: anonymous
Best memories come from bad ideas.
Status By: anonymous
Throwing lamps at people that need to lighten up...
Status By: anonymous

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