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the crappy e-mail address we made when we were little
Status By: Édrian
That awkward moment when you realize that no one is listening to you when you have a really good story. :-(
Status By: Faithful
If we are made of atoms,then a scientist studying atoms is actually a group of atoms studying themselves
Status By: Bhumswrang
if you don`t have one you don`t need the other ,,,
Status By: Shohan
I always keep a google search for "how to find anyone, anywhere, and kill them" open on my phone in case anyone steals it.
Status By: Dorian
Whoever snuck the s in "fast food" is a clever person.
Status By: anonymous
is thinking ... Why are books not waterproof? I wanna read in the shower.
Status By: anonymous
The awkward moment when the most annoying person is complaining about someone being annoying.
Status By: anonymous
Forever 21 please teleport into my bedroom. Thanks.
Status By: anonymous
Aww I love getting cute good night texts from no one.
Status By: anonymous

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