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I`ve fallen in love with the Internet. It was love at first site..
Status By: anonymous
If I had a dollar for every time I thought about you, I would start thinking about you.
Status By: anonymous
I don`t change myself for anyone, because I think nobody can play your roll better then you !
Status By: anonymous
Whenever I see "person is typing" for five minutes, and then finally....."lol", I assume you typed, "I love you, have my babies!", but then chickened out.
Status By: anonymous
All true wisdom is found on T-Shirts.
Status By: anonymous
Its all fun and games until you realize your Capri Sun has no straw.
Status By: anonymous
Don`t exercise fat people are harder to kidnap.
Status By: anonymous
Status By: anonymous
We have GPS that can navigate you across the country. Why can`t someone invent a device that can remind you why you went into a room?
Status By: anonymous
When your parties have glasses instead of red cups, you’re a grown up.
Status By: anonymous

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