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Too bored to stay home. Too lazy to go out.
Status By: anonymous
My room pretty much represents my life, a mess.
Status By: anonymous
FACT. There is always one girl in your school that is obsessed with horses
Status By: anonymous
That moment when someone copies your homework and gets a higher grade. -_-
Status By: anonymous
Never too old, never too bad, never too late, never too sick to start from scratch once again.
Status By: anonymous
Victories will be short lived. The experience you gained will last a life time.
Status By: anonymous
SWAG = [S]till [W]ithout [A] [G]irlfriend
Status By: anonymous
Mayans have committed one of the worlds greatest prank ever.
Status By: anonymous
nothing`s something >
Status By: Shohan
A boy`s painful letter to facebook-
Dear facebook,
please stop suggesting me beautiful
It really hurts when i can`t add them :(
. Sincerely,
Blocked user :`(
Status By: Raymond

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