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If you want to be trusted, then you have to be honest.
Status By: anonymous
You can always tell if someone likes you by the way they text you.
Status By: anonymous
It doesn`t matter how long you`ve known her. If she`s kept you smiling since day one, don`t lose her.
Status By: anonymous
Its not "I got the moves like Jagger." it`s ♫ "I got the MoOoOoOoves like Jagger" ♬
Status By: anonymous
Girl: Describe me in one word. Boy: Mine.
Status By: Shelby
The awkward moment when you sing a song and someone corrects you and you say "BITCH, ! Maybe i`m free styling. !
Status By: Alysa
That awkward moment your parents are trying to be "funny" infront of your friends =.=
Status By: Emma
I hate like when like people always like say the word "like" after like every like other word... Now, press the Like button(;
Status By: Emma
Finding a hair in your food and debating whether to complain or not.
Status By: anonymous
11:10... "One more minute!" *Gets distracted* 11:12. "Seriously?"
Status By: anonymous

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