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We all have that one kid who`s super annoying but is rich, so you still invite him to your birthday party.
Status By: Ally
your status is my status and my status is your status
Status By: Asad
i`m so poor that even i can`t pay attention :-P :-D :-P
Status By: Akash
You`re living proof that somebody can live without a brain.
Status By: anonymous
$19.99 because $20 is an outrageous amount of money.
Status By: anonymous
When my best friend isn`t at school? 5% Hoping they`re okay. 95% How dare you leave me alone!
Status By: anonymous
First step to the mall: omg that my favorite store. this this this this this *points*
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF: CURSING=> Helps relieve pain by 50% percent.
Status By: anonymous
Just because I don`t start the conversation, doesn`t mean I`m not dying to speak to you.
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF you have those nights where you have second thoughts about everything and nothing feels right...
Status By: anonymous

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