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You know your ghetto when you bring Tupperware to an "all you can eat buffet"
Status By: Clemente
Comment what you are
JANUARY → born the funniest
FEBRUARY → born the craziest
MARCH → born the cutest
APRIL → born the sweetest
MAY → born the kindest
JUNE → born the most serious
JULY → born the most beautiful/handsome
AUGUST → born the sexiest
SEPTEMBER → born the most romantic
OCTOBER → born the best in bed
NOVEMBER → born the nicest
DECEMBER → born the perfect lovers
Status By: Bendy
Potatoes have skin, I have skin. Therefore I am a potato.
Status By: anonymous
I hate it when people say, "You tweet too much!" Like b*tch, that`s what Twitter is for.
Status By: anonymous
Once you realize what a song is really about it changes everything.
Status By: anonymous
Pretty Little Liars is the reason I have trust issues.
Status By: anonymous
Like if you didn`t know: Before air conditioning was invented, white cotton slipcovers were put on furniture to keep the air cool.
Status By: anonymous
I would rather read the iTunes terms and conditions than go to school
Status By: anonymous
A girl`s "amazing" night will be all over facebook in pictures to see. Our amazing nights shall never be spoken of or brought up again.
Status By: anonymous
I`m not an alcoholic, alcoholics go to meetings. I`m a drunk, we go to parties.
Status By: anonymous

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