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Awwww you`re not fat. Now chin up!...... and the other one too. :)
Status By: anonymous
boy: Bitch. girl: i`ve been called worse. boy: like what? girl: your girlfriend.
Status By: Alex
saying something, then realizing it sounded extremely sexual.
Status By: Alex
The awkward moment when your crush gives you advise on who you should go out with :/
Status By: Alex
I need a new girlfriend, my imaginary one lied to me & said she was real.
Status By: Mando
If I ever get married, I`ll surprise my wife with breakfast in bed every morning that has a different special saying about her like `I`m glad your mine` one day I hope.
Status By: Mando
I`m fluffy and I know it! I Munch out! Jiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle, yea! Jiggle, Jiggle, Jiggle yea!!!
Status By: Mando
He ignores you, but you still like him. He does nothing, but you fall for him.
You miss him, even though you know he`s never thought about you.

...Not even once... Smh.. But yet, you still pick him?
Status By: Mario
Like if you know what music chores this is Mirror on the wall
Here we are again (yeah)
Through my rise and fall (uh)
You`ve been my only friend (yeah)
You told me that they can
understand the man I am
So why are we here
Talking to each other again?
Status By: Nadear
That handwriting you get after a whole summer of no work.
Status By: anonymous

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