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Yelling "what" when you ask your dad to turn the TV volume down
Status By: anonymous
Dad: "Where do you all want to eat?"
Kids: "We dont care dad, wherever you want to go"
Dad: "Fine, we are going home."
Status By: anonymous
Dad: what do you want to eat?
Kid: I don`t know
Dad: I don`t think we have any "I don`t know"
Status By: anonymous
Classic Dad Moves : Trying to convince mom & the kids that spending $350 on a remote control helicopter really isn`t that much.
Status By: anonymous
*4 dads circling new neighbor on bikes*

"im not looking for any trouble"

all four dads synchronized: HI NOT LOOKING FOR TROUBLE IM DAD
Status By: anonymous
Son : "this is pointless"
Dad: " no son, circles are pointless"
Status By: anonymous
fart in the car and lock the windows
Status By: anonymous
Son- "What time is it?"
Dad- "Time for you to get a watch."
Status By: anonymous
Classic Dad Moves
*Turns on car radio and hears a rap song
"What is this? The Tupac?"
Status By: anonymous
Classic Dad Moves : Saying "This is what my taxpayer dollars are going to?" whenever the government fails him
Status By: anonymous
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