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Intelligent men and women are easily annoyed by people in general but tend to say nothing in attempt to avoid meaningless arguments.
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As you grow older, you realize it becomes less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones.
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If a single teacher can`t teach us all the subjects, then how can you expect a single student to learn all the subjects?
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LIKE IF: Charging your phone for 5 minutes before you leave, because you think it will make a difference.
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Life is like an hour glass. When it hits rock bottom, all you have to do is be patient & wait for something to turn everything back around.
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Channing Tatum put your shirt back on .. Said by NO ONE EVER
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When your waiting for one persons text and the whole world decides to text you!
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Does anybody else do the three pocket check (cell phone, wallet, keys) before leaving anywhere?
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why are there guys that still sag their pants
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The biggest problem for one person may be the smallest problem for others. It just depends on how they see it.
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