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⚪ Single
⚪ In a relationship
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LIKE IF: your bestfriends like your facebook status because they know the story behind it.
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Shout out to all the 90`s baby`s, with no babies!
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If you wanna make a good deal, sell happiness & get paid by a nice gratefulness smile.
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There`s always a reason to smile, so find it.
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My Girlfriend wrote an email to me saying she was concerned that we have communications issues. I immediately sent an IM asking her to clarify. She messaged me on Facebook saying not to worry but that sometimes we’re not as connected as she’d like. I tweeted her that I love her more than anything. She texted me that she loves me too and was tired after a long day of work. So I leaned over and kissed her good night.
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Drake the type of nigga that`ll stop at red lights on GTA.
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That awkward moment when the guy who invented milk had to explain what he was doing to the cow.
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The worse thing I`ve been told after the dentist: "You can`t eat for 30 Minutes"
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Two tips for faster jogging (1) hot gurl in front of you; (2) creepy girl behind you
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