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You like sleeping? Me too! We should do it together sometime.
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A friend isn`t someone who is nice to your face, it`s someone who isn`t rude to you behind your back.
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Comment me a color! BLACK -i hαte you. PINK -i fαncy you. PURPLE -i would dαte you. BLUE -i did love you. RED -i do love you. SILVER -we αre close. GOLD -i like you. GREEN -i will αlwαys love you. ORANGE -i think you’re sexy. YELLOW -you’re my best friend. BROWN -you’re funny. Put this αs your stαtus and see whαt colours you get!
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Most stress is caused by three things; family, money and family with no money.
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Being freakingly scared when your parents suddenly say: "Let me use your phone real quick!"
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I think even if I never met you; I would still miss you.
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*Low battery* Yeah story of my life :|
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