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I am the secret you can never hide . I am the gesture you can never forget, Because I am the sound of your heart. listen if you can to the rhythms of your heart
Status By: Rahmon
the awkward moment when your dancing in your room and you forgot to shut the door and peoples watching you from the couch.
Status By: Chad
Mentally preparing yourself to step out of the shower during the winter.
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF:Mentally preparing yourself to step out of the shower during the winter.
Status By: anonymous
Always coughing in front of smokers to make them feel guilty.
Status By: anonymous
There`s no past tense in love; you do, you don`t, or you never did.
Status By: anonymous
Sometimes, it takes a good fall to really know where we stand.
Status By: anonymous
When you have 10 tabs open & you can`t figure out which one the music is coming from..
Status By: anonymous
WHEN YOUR MOM YELLS YOUR NAME: You: YES?!?! ....*Silence*... You: YEAH!?!?! ....*Silence*.... You: UGHHH! *Gets up and sees what she wants*
Status By: anonymous
Don`t call yourself a man, when you have no qualitys of one.
Status By: anonymous

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