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Sometimes all you need is a good listener, a good shoulder, and a good laugh.
Status By: anonymous
Pretending your the host of a cooking show when your cooking home alone.
Status By: anonymous
I hate when my phone corrects words without my permission.
Status By: anonymous
I can`t take this long distance relationship anymore. Fridge, you`re coming to my room.
Status By: anonymous
you know you`re blonde when you spend like 10 minutes trying to put milk away in the cupboard before realizing that it goes in the fridge.
Status By: Logan
friend: hey ____ (your name)
you: hey..... (fades out)
because you can`t remember someones name..
Status By: Lakota
The awkward moment when someone you deleted off Facebook tries to add you again.
Status By: anonymous
Exams don`t test what you know. They test how well you can study the night before.
Status By: anonymous
Zebras are just living, breathing barcodes.
Status By: anonymous
That awkward moment when you can`t help looking through your ex`s photos on Facebook.
Status By: anonymous

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