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The awkward moment when you put a new profile picture on facebook, and someone likes your old one...
Status By: anonymous
When you type your password in the username section and you have to hope no one saw it.
Status By: anonymous
I wish summer would get pregnant so we would have 9 months off.
Status By: anonymous
Darling, don`t flatter yourself. I sent you a friend request, NOT a wedding proposal.
Status By: anonymous
I hate it when I yell someone`s name and they don`t hear me, I feel stupid.
Status By: anonymous
it`s funny how girls run after the guys that treat them like crap, but ignore those guys that would treat them like a princess
Status By: Bruno
B I T C H = Beautiful Individual That Creates Hell
Status By: Eli
When someone needs help, Be there.
Status By: Chloe
Sshhh, they`re arguing! I wanna listen!
Status By: anonymous
Slow down and enjoy your life. Dreams come a size too big so we can grow into them. Make it real.
Status By: anonymous

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