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Chucky Cheese is just a casino for the underaged.
Status By: Abel
It`s weird how jeans are blue, yet they match everything.
Status By: Susan
"Did u just fall?" "No, i attacked the floor" " Backwards???" "I`m freaking talented"
Status By: Brittany
LIKE IF:After you have accepted someone`s friend request, the first thing you do is look at their pictures.
Status By: Bruno
You want breakfast in bed? You`re gonna have to sleep in the kitchen then...
Status By: anonymous
that awkward moment when your trying to tell someone how a song goes but you really don`t want to sing it.
Status By: anonymous
Headphones definitely just tie themselves in knots while we’re not looking…
Status By: anonymous
Dear people who leave candy out on Halloween, news flash, we don`t take just one, but thanks for trusting us anyway.
Status By: anonymous
I wonder what it feels like to be that perfect girl everybody likes.
Status By: anonymous
I’m not arguing. I’m simply explaining why I’m right.
Status By: anonymous

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