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mom: who’s your background?
me: my boyfriend
mom: can i meet him?
me: not before i do
mom: what?
me: what?
Status By: anonymous
Marrying your best friend eliminates the risk of divorce by over 70%. These marriages are more likely to last a lifetime.
Status By: anonymous
That moment when you randomly feel depressed for no apparent reason may indicate that you`re actually missing someone.
Status By: anonymous
One day, you’ll just be a memory to some people. Do your best to be a good one.
Status By: anonymous
The more you care, the more you OVER think. The more you think, the harder it is to fall asleep.
Status By: anonymous
You can`t see your reflection in boiling water. Similarly, you can`t see the truths in your life in a state of anger.
Status By: anonymous
Being in a relationship is not about kissing, dates or showing off. It`s about being with the person who makes you happy.
Status By: anonymous
Boys who grab your face with both hands when they kiss you win at pretty much everything.
Status By: anonymous
If you think something is in your eye, hold your eyelashes, pull your eyelid down with your fingers, and then blink rapidly.
Status By: anonymous
A woman saying “I’m not mad at you” is like a dentist saying “You won’t feel a thing.”
Status By: Haim

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