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The roar you hear from a seashell next to your ear is not the ocean, but the sound of blood surging through the veins in your ear.
Status By: anonymous
The "fact" about swallowing spiders in your sleep is a myth - in fact, it was made up in 1993 to see how quickly the myth would spread.
Status By: anonymous
Girls that don`t smoke drink or go to party`s
Status By: Obey
I dont want a...

RelationTRIP and

all i want to have is a RELATIONSHIP!!!!
Status By: Francis
I'm too young for love. but, what can I do if at this young age I already found you..
Status By: Francis
On facebook a guy can post "I love my girl". And that will get all his numerous girlfriends excited.
Status By: Vitu
That awkward moment you call your friend to show them something on your phone and then it suddenly freezes.
Status By: Zaky
That awkward moment you`re dancing while looking in the mirror and your mom suddenly walks in and you pretend to be stretching.
Status By: Zaky
Watching The Lion King after growing up and going Damn! Everything the light touches? Wow, everything.
Status By: Zaky
Distance means nothing when someone means everything.
Status By: IDrisse

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