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We all have 10 fingers.
INDEX to point out,
RING for marriage,
THUMBS for approval,
PINKIES for swears,
and the MIDDLE one is just for YOU!
Status By: anonymous
You never know a person until you walk in their shoes, or until you check their browser history...
Status By: anonymous
The best way to find out what`s on a females mind is to make her mad. Then all the truth comes out.
Status By: anonymous
The fact that the British call math "maths" scares me, since the only thing more frightening than math is plural math.
Status By: anonymous
I`ve always wanted to walk up to a stranger and hand them a briefcase and say, "You know what to do"
Status By: anonymous
Waitress: What do you want to drink?
Me: I`ll have some frozen water and melted ice.
Status By: anonymous
Girl: "Go on, don`t be shy and ask me out."
Boy: "Okay, get out."
Status By: anonymous
Teacher: "What is something you need that you can`t see or feel?" Student: "Air." Me: "WiFi."
Status By: anonymous
A guy knocked on my door asking for a small donation for the local pool, so I gave him a glass of water.
Status By: anonymous
Teacher: Remember, the "f" in Physics stands for fun. Me: But sir, there is no "f" in Physics. Teacher: Exactly!
Status By: anonymous

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