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The way I see it: the more people hate me, the less people I have to please.
Status By: anonymous
That mini heart attack you get when someone says - "Oh, I heard something about you!"
Status By: anonymous
That feeling you get when you know someone`s using their phone but just isn`t replying back to your text.
Status By: anonymous
If twin males marry twin females, and they each have a child, will both children look alike? Mind = BLOWN!
Status By: anonymous
"I`m happy for you."- the hardest lie you can say to the special someone from your past who has found a new love
Status By: anonymous
What did the traffic light say to the car?
Don't look, I'm changing!
Status By: David
*mom is really mad at you* Me: "I love you mommy" Mom: "I love you too"
Status By: Muadh
Don`t be racist. Be like a Panda. They`re black, white and asian. But they`re not mexican, so be like a panda holding a taco.
Status By: Hailey
That face you make when you smell Germ-X up really close.
Status By: Wendy
That awkward moment when someone sees you with a girl and they automatically think you got a "girlfriend"
Status By: Jonathan

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