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If you can make a guy smile he already likes you, but if you can make him cry, he`s definitely in love with you.
Status By: anonymous
My current status: Wanted by many, taken by none, looking at some, but waiting for one.
Status By: anonymous
It’s amazing what people do for love, and it’s even more amazing what love does to people.
Status By: anonymous
Nothing feels worse than losing touch with old friends and the people you knew you could be yourself around.
Status By: Chazz
Dear Ad.Fly, I will always "Skip this ad."
Status By: Alex
If you let me.. Here`s what I`ll do .. I`ll take care of you ~
Status By: anonymous
Me: *Cleans room* *Finds missing homework, old books, and cure for cancer*
Status By: anonymous
You know what i noticed? Common sense isn`t very common anymore...
Status By: anonymous
Women aren’t complex. Theoretical Quantum Physics is complex. The politics in Game of Thrones are complex. Women are just unpredictable.
Status By: anonymous
It was so cute when you called me last night... LOL JK, don`t ever interrupt my sleep again.
Status By: anonymous

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