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There are millions and billions of people to make the world smile,but it only takes you to make me smile.
Status By: Miguel
That awkward moment when your parents start to sing dynamite in the car.
Status By: Hannah
To whoever thought buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans would be a good idea: Don`t you think if I had wanted popcorn for a snack I would have eaten that instead?!
Status By: Honor
Status By: anonymous
Officer: `Now say your abc`s` Me: `A B C D...` Officer: `Don`t sing them.` Me: `Shit..I`m going to jail`
Status By: anonymous
If you can say it behind their back, you should be able to say it to their face.
Status By: anonymous
"I need to study!" *Opens book* "I don`t feel like studying." *Closes book*
Status By: anonymous
*Police officer walks up to me* POLICE: "Where were you between 4 and 6?" ME: "Kindergarten."
Status By: anonymous
*In a relationship* 20 hot guys/girls trying to hit you up. *Single* No one likes you..
Status By: anonymous
I have a smart phone with a dumb battery.
Status By: anonymous

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