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LIKE IF 99.9% of your sentences start with:
oh my god
you know
Status By: anonymous
Dear mom and dad, when I lie to you, it`s for your own good.
Status By: anonymous
Reasons why I`m fat: 1) I eat when I`m bored. 2) I`m bored all the time.
Status By: anonymous
A naked iPhone is a beautiful thing but too risky.
Status By: anonymous
There are plenty of beautiful things left in this world if you look closely enough.
Status By: anonymous
The early bird catches the worm. Unless the worm knows karate. Nobody ever mentions that part.
Status By: anonymous
If spiders start flying I`m leaving this planet.
Status By: anonymous
Having long hair is the most annoying and wonderful thing ever.
Status By: anonymous
I might not be the best, but I`ll give you my best.
Status By: anonymous
Waking up for school:(-_-) .. Waking up on a weekend: \( `O` )/
Status By: anonymous

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