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How to find the name of a song: Google as many of the words as you remember, and hope for the best.
Status By: anonymous
When I'm in a haunted house i see dead people but when I'm in school all i see is #fake people.
Status By: Devin
You call it lazy, I call it selective participation..
Status By: anonymous
Because of you, I laugh a lot louder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.
Status By: anonymous
The word "scientist" did not exist until 1833. Before this, scientists were referred to as "natural philosophers."
Status By: anonymous
No microwave, bad microwave... I want the FOOD heated, NOT just the plate.
Status By: anonymous
How much does a hipster weigh? An instagram.
Status By: anonymous
How did Jesus find guys named Peter, John, James, Thomas and Simon in the Middle East?
Status By: anonymous
That "like a boss" moment when you throw some thing in the trash and make it in.
Status By: anonymous
Your love isn`t fair
You live in a world where you didn`t listen
And you didn`t care
So I`m floating, I`m floating on air
Status By: anonymous

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