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Who else had that one pen with 4 colors, and tried to push all the buttons at once?
Status By: anonymous
I just took a hot shower. Its like a normal shower, but with me in it.
Status By: anonymous
I`m never really sure if I`m hungry or just bored.
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF : Saying, "Shut up no one likes you!" when someone corrects you.
Status By: anonymous
Weird is just a side effect of being awesome.
Status By: anonymous
I was singing a song... You joined in... I don`t wanna sing it anymore.
Status By: anonymous
I`m sorry, but I took you out of my life for a reason, don`t try and step back in it like nothing happened.
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF: "Dad, i want $50 to buy something." "ok son, wash my car."
Status By: David
I use shower gel when I am too lazy to handle with soap!
Status By: Shubham
That awkward moment when you`re trying to ignore a call and accidentally answer it.
Status By: anonymous

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