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Dear Bad Luck ….. Let’s break up.
Status By: Vicky
Once choosing the colour of a sketch pen was a tough task.

Occupying the window seat in the school bus was called obsession.

Getting a toffee as a birthday treat from a friend made our day.

Being the first one to finish copying from the blackboard was the ultimate moment of pride.

Hiding the answers from a bench partner during exams was not called selfishness.

When homework was the only torture & finished it soon, so could get some extra time to play.

Owning a cycle was like owning everything.

We didn`t need FB or a phone to keep in touch!

We thought all elders are ideal, when Daddy was the only hero and Mom was the only Best friend.

So what they say is right.
"Everybody dies twice. Once when their childhood ends."
Status By: Dharmit
that terrible feeling of being hungry but having no clue what you wanna eat :/
Status By: Clara-Beanz
Don`t smoke cigarettes! There are cooler ways to die.
Status By: Roseanne
Most creepy moment of my life: "Mom we gotta get rid of this cat, its always staring at me." "...Honey, we don`t have a cat?"
Status By: anonymous
I always regret leaving my phone on silent when I can`t find it.
Status By: anonymous
"Be strong." I whispered to my wifi signal.
Status By: anonymous
I`d rather love someone i can`t have than have someone i can`t love.
Status By: anonymous
I put the "pro" in procrastination.
Status By: anonymous
"Etc..." End of Thinking Capacity
Status By: anonymous

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