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To: Mom and Dad, One day.. I’ll make you proud. I promise.
Status By: anonymous
"Dude, she just called u lazy" ... "Oh hell no! Go tell her I`m not"
Status By: anonymous
My brain is 5% names, 2% phone numbers, 3% stuff I should know for school, and 90% song lyrics.
Status By: anonymous
You said it was a long story, but you told me and it took about 10 seconds.
Status By: anonymous
Mom: I'm going to the store
Me: come back with some coke
(10 minutes later).... she comes back with diet
Status By: Kuel
That annoying moment when you cant remember if you`ve checked this status or not.
Status By: Nick
Do you want some chips with your salt there?
Status By: Nick
Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but heres some bisto, now make me gravy
Status By: Nick
"Dude, she just called you irresponsible!" "OH HELL NO! Hold my- wait...WHERE DID IT GO??!!"
Status By: Sonja
Oprah makes: $315,000,000/year $26,000,000/month $6,000,000/week $850,000/day $35,000/hour $600/minute $10/second Jealous? Me too.
Status By: Roseanne

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