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It`s new day , and a chance to try again
Status By: Ana
I hate when people correct me, they make me look/feel stupid .~.
Status By: Mario
You know that your house is messed up when your mum thinks all Italians are part of the mafia...
Status By: Yashith
Deleting your Facebook is like running away from home. You`re only doing it for attention and you`ll be back in a day.
Status By: Mario
Those days where being Line Leader made you feel the #coolest...And everyone behind you was your #bitch.
Status By: Mario
If water were hugs, I`d give you an ocean.If kisses were leaves, I`d give you a tree.If love was life, I`d give you mine.
Status By: Francisco
If women ran the world, there wouldn`t be any wars, but there would be entire nations that wouldn`t speak to each other
Status By: Sarvesh
What is your Superhero name? (2nd favorite color + favorite drink, and add "THE" at the beginning) Please comment below.
Status By: Sarvesh
When on the run and getting away you must say, "This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow"
Status By: Sarvesh
Not even funny, torrential rain at the weekend and glorious sunshine in the week. How is that fair?
Status By: Siân

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