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The only thing I`ve learnt in school is that I hate a lot of fucking people.
Status By: anonymous
Someone: Are you crying?
Me: No, I`m having an allergic reaction.
Someone: To what?
Me: Life
Status By: anonymous
You think I`m jealous of you. How about no.
Status By: anonymous
To my future kids: You`ll start off with a flip phone. Idgaf if the iPhone 13 is out by then, you`re gonna know the struggle.
Status By: anonymous
People who lie skillfully are also good at catching other people`s lies.
Status By: anonymous
Generally, people are more likely to assume you`re being rude when you`re actually being honest.
Status By: anonymous
I can`t go to school mom. The blankets have accepted me as one of their own. If I leave now I might lose their trust.
Status By: anonymous
I sure don`t like playing dodge ball with my heart,but i like it when its caught.
Status By: Nicole
"Need new haters..old 1s started liking me"
Status By: Priya
I have a disease called awesome. Doctors say i only have the rest of my life to live.
Status By: Alex

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