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A tree does not bear fruit for itself but for others.
Status By: Obadero
I like how when I listen to Mozart I feel smarter all of a sudden..
Status By: Alicia
Like if you love someone right now.
Status By: anonymous
Admit it, at some point in your life, you stuck a ball up your shirt and pretended you were pregnant.
Status By: anonymous
I bet you are either A) Laying in bed. B) Taking a shit. C) Ignoring someone talking to you.
Status By: anonymous
Take my advice. I don`t use it anyway.
Status By: anonymous
That awkward moment when you try to scare someone and it doesn`t work.
Status By: anonymous
like if you knew that "False Awakening" occurs when you`re dreaming that you`ve woken up, but still are in deep sleep.
Status By: anonymous
How to be skinny: 1.Turn your head to the right. 2.Turn your head to the left. (Repeat this everytime you are offered something to eat)
Status By: anonymous
If I text you back in less then 5 minutes , you better feel special.
Status By: anonymous

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