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They should name hurricanes with black people names. I`d be terrified of hurricane Shanaynay.
Status By: Ronde
If Being Fake Is A Job, I`d Know Alot Of People Who Are Billionaires
Status By: Indujan
If someone makes you to forget your past, that someone is probably your future.
Status By: Vicky
Slapping your friend when you get excited about something..
Status By: anonymous
Girls always find things out, they might not say anything right away, but they know.
Status By: anonymous
Right now, 65% of people are laying down reading this status deciding whether or not to get out of bed or stay because it`s too comfy.
Status By: anonymous
"I want to lick you out,” I whispered seductively, to the almost empty jar of Nutella.
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF:Saying, "DUDE..." before saying something important to a friend
Status By: anonymous
Is everything expensive or am I just that poor?
Status By: anonymous
I hate being tired in school and thinking "I`m going to take a nap as soon as I get home" and then when I get home I`m not tired anymore.
Status By: anonymous

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