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Answering Machine: Hi! My phone is probably near me. I`m just avoiding someone I don`t like. Leave a message. If I don`t call back, it`s you
Status By: anonymous
Sometimes we forget that our decisions don`t only affect us but they can affect the people closest to us
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF: When I was little, I connected markers together to make a sword
Status By: anonymous
Studying. Notice how they conviently put "DYING" at the end of this word?
Status By: anonymous
I`ve always wanted to walk up to a stranger and hand him a briefcase and whisper "you know what to do" and walk away.
Status By: anonymous
Flirt with him enough to show your interest but tease him enough to make him chase you.
Status By: anonymous
Life is unpredictable never look down on other people especially when you are on top because you never know when you gonna fall...
Status By: Bernard
Dear committed ones, Being single is my attitude. Never think that I`m not perfect for anyone. Sincerely, I`m too sexy for everyone!!
Status By: Vignesh
Leaning to the sides when playing car race games, thinking it will make a difference.
Status By: Bruno
"How old is your baby?" "36 months." WHY CAN`T YOU JUST SAY 3 YEARS OLD?!
Status By: anonymous

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