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That moment of pretending as if you`re thinking hard when the teacher is looking at you.
Status By: Sizwe
That annoying moment when you have to keep on removing your headphones because someone keeps on talking to you.
Status By: Sizwe
Just because you cant dance,it doesn't mean you shouldn't - alcohol
Status By: Young
Complete It :-)
Life Is _____________ ,
When You`re In Love.
1. Beautiful
2. Hell
3. Boring
4. Fun
5. Confused
6. Tension Full :X
7. Undefined :/
8. Other
Comment Fast ;-)
Status By: anonymous
╚══`.¸.My friends.
Status By: anonymous
Comment your sign:
♈–Aries (The Ram)
♉–Taurus (The bull)
♊–Gemini (The Twins)
♋–Cancer (The Crab)
♌–Leo (The Lion)
♍–Virgo (The Virgin)
♎–Libra (The Scales)
♏–Scorpio (The Scorpion)----------->Me
♐–Sagittarius (Centaur The Archer)
♑–Capricorn (Goat-horned, The sea goat)
♒–Aquarius (The water bearer)
♓–Pisces (The fish)
Status By: anonymous
I Am
Status By: anonymous
__88888____888888___888888____88 ___8__
_88_888___88888888_88888888__888 8_8___
____888___888__888_888__888___88 _8____
____888___888__888_888__888_____ 8_____
____888___888__888_888__888____8 __88__
____888___88888888_88888888___8_ _8888_
__8888888__888888___888888___8__ __88__ NOT FAKE
Status By: anonymous
The lies we tell but the secrets we keep.
Status By: anonymous
My favorite flavor of cake is more.
Status By: anonymous

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