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Those days when you wake up in the morning and suddenly hate everyone.
Status By: anonymous
"Twitter is stupid!" *one month later* "DUDE, I can`t stop tweeting!" Who remembers saying this?.
Status By: anonymous
Whether they step into your story for minutes or years..everyone that crosses your path serves a purpose.
Status By: anonymous
3 Basic lessons that some people really need to learn : Think before you speak. Admit your mistake. Say "I`m sorry".
Status By: anonymous
Going back to school, feeling all serious about it, but then after like a week you can't hold it in and you muck around again;)
Status By: Nick
I need to find a status that`s cool, funny and slick...wait I just described myself ;)
Status By: Charity
One Direction? Well we know it ain`t straight...
Status By: Jacob
LIKE IF: When a person is getting called for something, I always stand in the back and scream "SHE DOESN`T EVEN GO HERE!"
Status By: Lexi
You always know you`re in trouble, when your friend is staring off in space and gives you a creepy smile.
Status By: Lexi
Person 1: Can I ask you a question?
Person 2: You just did.
Person 1: Can I ask another?
Person 2: You just did again.
Person 1: I give up.
Status By: Cam

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