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Even The sun sets in Paradise ...
Status By: Valerie
Take a look at her and Do you like what you see ? Or do you wish it was me ?
Status By: Valerie
Guys say girls are complicated, when really all you have to do make us happy is :
1. Call when you say you will
2. DO NOT talk to other girls
3. DO NOT do anything with other girls that you would do in a RELATIONSHIP
4. If we are silent, It means Your making us HURT !
5. Always respond to our questions or texts
6. Always say Hi to us first ! We worry we are being to annoying !
7. DO NOT call other girls Beautiful, Gorgeous, Hot, Or sexy
Status By: Valerie
It's funny, Girls with Over Protective dads/Brothers wish they didn't have one, and girls without them wish they had them !
Status By: Valerie
Every Saint has a Bad past, Every Sinner has a Good Future
Status By: Valerie
I'm good, But I'm No Angel,
I do sins, But I'm Not the Devil,
I'm Pretty, But I'm Not Beautiful,
I'm Just a Small Girl Living In a Big World
Status By: Valerie
Lust and Love are Different
Lust Is Temporary,
Love Is Forever
Learn The Difference Before Using Those Three Special Words "I Love You"
Status By: Valerie
Why is it that everytime I need you, You`re not there
Status By: Valerie
Dont call me Bae, Baby, SweetHeart, Gorgeous, Honey, Or Lil Lady Unless Im the only one you`re calling that !
Status By: Valerie
I shed a lot of tears, Over people who didn't care, But I swear one day I'll figure out what its like to love.
Status By: Valerie

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