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Me: Pikachu?
Me: Pikachu, where are you?
Cop: Sir you’re under arrest for throwing a rock at a police officer.
Status By: anonymous
When a girl says: "I`m cold.", don`t be stupid & say "me too."
Status By: anonymous
There`s this app on my phone that makes me look fat.. It`s called camera..
Status By: anonymous
Dear Maths, I refuse to find your X she left you for a reason, and don`t ask Y either!
Status By: anonymous
Hey what`s your email?" "oh it`s (gives your goofy email)" -laugh- "shut up, I made it when I was 12."
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF; While Studying I keep Looking at my cellphone if any messages have come.
Status By: anonymous
How many facial expressions, do you have?
On a scale of
(Kristen Stewart -_-) to (Nicki Minaj O_o)
Status By: anonymous
Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, and laugh uncontrollably
Status By: anonymous
so done with you.
Status By: anonymous
Trying to read a cartoon characters lips is the most frustrating thing ever.
Status By: anonymous

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