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The player always ends up played. When you attempt to play the one who actually cares about you, you`re actually playing yourself.
Status By: anonymous
Don`t count how many new friends you can make. Count how many old friends you can keep.
Status By: anonymous
Math is a drama queen. It can`t seriously have that many problems.
Status By: anonymous
I just want somebody, who kisses me in the rain, holds me tight when I`m sad, and wraps their arms around me when I`m cold. ♥
Status By: anonymous
Success is the sum of small efforts repeated every day.
Status By: anonymous
Here`s a bit of advice: advi
Status By: anonymous
People say love is hard but in reality, people complicate it and make love hard
Status By: anonymous
Psychological fact: The person you can`t take your mind off every now and then is the same person who secretly thinks of you always.
Status By: anonymous
What i feel for you is a feeling i`ve Never EVER felt for someone else. So please try to appreciate it
Status By: Karen
That awkward moment when you wake up one minute before your alarm goes off.
Status By: Emma

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