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Status By: anonymous
Lets play a Game.... Girls, You Gotta Click "Like" Boys, You Gonna Comment. Start. Lets See Who`s Gonna Win:)
Status By: anonymous
like my status and i`ll write on your wall:
your name :
your name in my phone :
I met you at :
Status By: anonymous
Boy:Will you go out with me?
Boy:Did you hear what I said?
Boy:What did I say?
Girl:Will you go out with me?
Status By: Moinul
I bought 2PACS of M&M for 50 Cent And i ate Them With ICE TEA That Had Ice cube
Status By: Moinul
bought a great new holder for my Apple and Blackberry. It`s called a `Fruit Bowl`.
Status By: anonymous
I hate when websites force me to make super complicated passwords.
Status By: anonymous
I have never seen a pregnant chinese woman! LIKE if you haven`t either!
Status By: anonymous
How I flirt? *Stares from distance*
Status By: anonymous
That awkward moment when you’re watching Home Alone 2 wondering how child services haven’t taken him away from his parents yet.
Status By: anonymous

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