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why do all aliens seem to have an intrest with the USA ?
Status By: Keotiut
Like If: you always say your done with your Ex`s but you still turn around an get into the same mess.
Status By: Mook
The awkward moment when you at your friends house and you ask for a snack and they say oh just ask my mom and you think oh I`m not hungry anyomore.
Status By: Kinzie
The awkward moment when you hear someone fart in class and the room becomes silent.
Status By: Ash
HATERS : (H)aving, (A)nger, (T)owards, (E)veryone, (R)eaching, (S)uccess
Status By: anonymous
If you ever feel in life that all doors are closed, remember these words; A closed door is not always locked, so give it a push atleast.:)
Status By: Lëë
Just because a girl`s angry doesn`t mean she`s on her period,you might just be a complete asshole...
Status By: Adam Carl
The toughest thing about success is that you`ve got to keep on being a success.
Status By: Michelle
Is trying to find the Like Me button
Status By: Lauren
That awkward moment when your skating and a skater passes by and says are you a skater?
Status By: Lauren

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