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There comes a time when you
have to be your own hero.
Because sometimes, the people
you can`t live without, can live
without you.
Status By: Collins
*iPhone falls to the floor* Breaks screen... *android falls to the floor* Breaks floor...
Status By: anonymous
Like if you also think there is a huge difference between "love ya." and "I love you."
Status By: anonymous
Stop cheating on your future with your`s over.
Status By: anonymous
In love, women are professionals, men are amateurs.
Status By: anonymous
It`s funny how some guys act like they don`t care, but as soon as she leaves he becomes interested all of a sudden.
Status By: anonymous
Music is my life, the lyrics are my story.
Status By: anonymous
girls PMS once a month, you`re a douche-bag 24/7.
Status By: anonymous
When a relationship is so perfect, you start to wonder if it`s real.
Status By: anonymous
The awkward moment when you tweet something & then you remember a family member is following you...
Status By: anonymous

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