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She`d rather fight with you than love anyone else.
Status By: anonymous
She wants someone that she can turn to when nobody else is there for her.
Status By: anonymous
Let’s play truth or dare. Or maybe just dare because no one knows how to tell the truth anymore.
Status By: anonymous
Dear mom, how can you hear me mumble under my breath, but you can`t hear me yell, "WHAT!?" when you call my name? Sincerely, confused kid.
Status By: anonymous
That Rebecca Black moment when you get on the bus & don`t know which seat to take.
Status By: anonymous
I need you. I cant live without you. I need to see you everyday. I need to be with you every second. I need you to make me laugh. I need to play with you when im bored.
I love you .....

FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥
Status By: Ashley
I found out what happened to all the unicorns! They all got fat and scientists started calling them rhinos! That`s why they are always mean, they don`t like being called rhinos.
Status By: Montanna
Expect the best if you feel that you deserve it ;)
Status By: Shereen
That awkward moment when you say sorry to a nonliving object.
Status By: Hannah
Me: "Sometimes I like to talk to myself." Me: "OMG me too! High five."
Status By: anonymous

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