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Funny Facebook statuses

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Franklin D. Roosevelt once said "There is nothing to fear but fear itself ... and Chuck Norris"
Status By: anonymous
Explain How 300 People Can Be Working At Wal-Mart But Only 4 Registers Open With Huge Ass Lines.!`
#Really -__-
Status By: Charlie
I would beat you up, but that would be animal abuse.
Status By: Bruno
If you can`t win an argument, correct their grammar.
Status By: anonymous
Me: Ask me if im a tree. Friend: No Me: ask me if im a tree Friend: NO Me: Ask me if im a tree! Friend: FINE ARE YOU A F*CKING TREE?? Me: No
Status By: anonymous
It`s funny when a bad guy is running away and the police say "GET BACK HERE!" Yea I don`t think they plan on stopping.
Status By: anonymous
So I decided to crank up my stereo with a blank tape, the next thing I knew, the mime next door was going crazy!
Status By: Liv
Dinosaurs are lies fed to us to cover up the existence of Pokemon.
Status By: anonymous
"I wasn`t that drunk" "Dude you asked me for a ride home when the party was at your house"
Status By: anonymous
Deleting one `ha` from from your `hahahhahahaha` because you feel like it`s too much.
Status By: anonymous

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