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Funny Facebook statuses

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On a scale of one to Adele, How bad was your breakup?
Status By: anonymous
Funny thing to do: Follow a random family around Disney World for a day, just be in the background of all of their photos.
Status By: anonymous
What if April fools was April 2nd? and we were fooled all this time.
Status By: Bruno
TWILIGHT: Happy Bella- •_• Sad Bella- •_• Excited Bella- •_• Angry Bella- •_• Shocked Bella- •_• Confused Bella- •_• and yet she still wins best actor of the year in Kids Choice Awards.
Status By: Winnford
Common sense is like deodorant... The people who need it most never use it.
Status By: anonymous
Dear Mom, thanks for not answering the phone. I could be locked in some rapist`s basement for all you know. Thanks, nice to know im loved.
Status By: anonymous
"But mom... what if I get kidnapped?" `Trust me, they will bring you back.` Me: -_-
Status By: anonymous
When you forget the name of something when you`re about to ask for it: "Can you pass me that thing?" "what thing?" "THAT THING!
Status By: anonymous
We all have a family member who think they`re a professional photographer :P
Status By: anonymous
Getting caught in those, "it`s not what it looks like" moments. -_-
Status By: anonymous

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