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Funny Facebook statuses

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*When my parents are asleep* Me- "Shh! they`re sleeping" ... *When I`m asleep* Parents- "Let`s vacuum the house for 3 hours"
Status By: anonymous
Dear Forever, You didn’t last.
Status By: anonymous
You are really fat..." "It runs in the family" ... "Nobody runs in your family...
Status By: anonymous
"I have a personal relationship with God." Translation:"I like to keep my crazy to myself."
Status By: anonymous
"Omg! You have grown so much! I remember you when you were just a baby!" "Umm Who are you?...."
Status By: anonymous
This is a "A" and "B" conversation so "C" your way out before "D" jumps over "E" and "F"s you up like a "G".
Status By: anonymous
2 types of people that annoy me: Drunk people, when I`m sober. Sober people, when I`m drunk.
Status By: anonymous
Dear Math Book, please stop trying to find your "x" just deal with it, they`re gone forever.....
Status By: Tracy
Am always happy to see a black and a chinese kid playing together. It gives me hope of another Rush Hour movie :)
Status By: Banele
When you`re home alone and you hear a strange noise & you`re just like (ಠ__ಠ) "WTF! WHO`S THERE?!"
Status By: anonymous

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