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Funny Facebook statuses

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Loofah sponge instructions: 1. Wet before use 2. Use once 3. Hang to dry as shower decoration for the rest of your life
Status By: Dorian
If you love Batman, let him go, because Batman Returns.
Status By: anonymous
parents: you do realize one day you will have to pay for all your own things
me: yes but today is not that day :p
Status By: anonymous
Who invented hugs? I mean the first hug would have been sooo awkward. "What are you doing, why are you holding me?!.." "Shhh just trust me"
Status By: anonymous
cute things to call your girlfriend:
1. sugar
2. honey
3. flour
4. egg
5. 1/2 lb butter
6. stir
7. pour into pan
8. preheat to 375°
Status By: anonymous
"Truth or dare”
“What’s your credit card number”
Status By: anonymous
I hate when people see me at the store and are like "Hey, what are you doing here?"
I`m like "Oh you know, hunting elephants.".
Status By: anonymous
President Obama can say anything and still make you feel safe.
Obama: "Look.. we gonna die... but we gonna die... TOGETHER!."
Status By: Mimi
Rich People Status Probably Be Like:
1st like gets a new Ferrari
2nd like gets an Galaxy s3
3rd like gets: $1,000
4th like gets a Rolax watch
5th like gets tickets to any Concert you want front row for as many people you want
Status By: Mimi
If your car is about to get towed, get in it. Tow trucks are forced to stop to avoid kidnapping charges
Status By: anonymous

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