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Funny Facebook statuses

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Sometimes I drop things and am too lazy to pick them up, like pencils, or my hopes and dreams
Status By: anonymous
Sorry for calling you a bitch. I really thought you knew.
Status By: anonymous
What if prisons let prisoners take their own mug shots?

Status By: anonymous
*White girl at party*
omg let me Dj!!!
"ok sure"
*girl goes up on stage*
*throws Dj set away*
*takes out a cup*
*performs the cup song*
Status By: anonymous
me: is it weird to talk to yourself?
me: no
Status By: anonymous
If I ever have to get into a fight with a bear, I`m sneaking in at least one hug.
Status By: Dorian
The slow motion scene where the person walks away from an explosion but it`s me walking away from self checkout without needing assistance.
Status By: Dorian
Loofah sponge instructions: 1. Wet before use 2. Use once 3. Hang to dry as shower decoration for the rest of your life
Status By: Dorian
If you love Batman, let him go, because Batman Returns.
Status By: anonymous
parents: you do realize one day you will have to pay for all your own things
me: yes but today is not that day :p
Status By: anonymous

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