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Funny Facebook statuses

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You know you`re a bad driver when Siri tells you "after 400 feet stop and let me out"
Status By: Dorian
What`s the difference between you and a calendar? ..A calendar has dates.
Status By: anonymous
My room isn`t dirty, I just have everything on display.
Status By: anonymous
I DO WHAT I WANT, WHEN I WANT, WHEREVER I WANT. .. As long as my mom says it`s ok...
Status By: anonymous
I`m rebooting my life; Ctrl+Alt+Vodka ...
Status By: anonymous
if anne hathaway doesnt say anne hatharrived every time she walks into a room she`s wasting a great opportunity
Status By: anonymous
We all have 10 fingers.
INDEX to point out,
RING for marriage,
THUMBS for approval,
PINKIES for swears,
and the MIDDLE one is just for YOU!
Status By: anonymous
A guy knocked on my door asking for a small donation for the local pool, so I gave him a glass of water.
Status By: anonymous
"Did you get a haircut?"
"No, I got into a fight with the lawnmower and the lawnmower won."
Status By: anonymous
When I cross a one way road, I still look both ways. Just in case there are any women driving.
Status By: anonymous

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