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Funny Facebook statuses

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Do I look like Christopher Columbus? Am I guiding a ship to a new land? So, when I ask for directions, please don’t use words like “northwest.”
Status By: Dorian
What did Jay-Z call his wife before they got married? Feyonce.
Status By: anonymous
If robbers ever broke into my house searching for money, I would just laugh and search with them.
Status By: anonymous
Harry Potter fans: I wanna go to Hogwarts!
Narnia fans: I wanna go to Narnia!
Hunger Games fans: Nope I`m good...
Status By: anonymous
At the gym: Him: I really want to impress that hot chick over there, which machine should I use?!
Me: The ATM.
Status By: anonymous
when you ask your mom a single question & she yells her response
Status By: anonymous
That moment when Slapping your best friend when you are excited about something.
Status By: anonymous
We all know someone who desperately needs a haircut.
Status By: anonymous
Bringing your pet over to a mirror and being like "That`s you."
Status By: anonymous
I liked you until you farted and turned the MUSIC up like it was gonna cover the smell.
Status By: anonymous

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