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I’d much rather be somebody who can barely remember High School than somebody who considers it to be the best years of their lives.
Status By: anonymous
Can bob the builder fix my grades?
Status By: anonymous
As a student the most comforting words you`ll ever hear are " I haven`t started either"
Status By: anonymous
my morning routine includes 10 minutes of sitting on my bed and thinking about how tired i am
Status By: anonymous
High school was so judgy but in college you see someone riding past on a razor scooter wearing a snuggie and its like "that is a smart man"
Status By: anonymous
when your alarm went off this morning and you think to yourself "do I really need an education
Status By: anonymous
why pay $30 to get scared at a haunted house when you can just close your eyes & think about your student debt for free
Status By: anonymous
High school made me realize that you only need one best friend and like three close friends, because you realize how fake everyone is.
Status By: anonymous
Things I hate:

1. waking up early

2. 1
Status By: anonymous
*Brain during the exam*
"Wait i know this... oh what show is playing today ?
Wait focus
What are we doing here ?"
Status By: Dana

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