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The Meaning of MATH
Mental Abuse to Human...
Status By: George
Mom: What time did you go to bed last night?
Me: That information is confidential
Status By: anonymous
#Thatmoment when someone talks about high school and your like, "WTF is that?!" ....
Status By: anonymous
kinda wanna be really organized and get good grades, kinda wanna just sleep and not give a damn.
Status By: anonymous
Has a fresher genuinely just asked if there is a theme park society? Oh aye we jet off to Disneyland every year #IWISH
Status By: anonymous
Can I drop out and be a millionaire already? #iwish
Status By: anonymous
Staring At My Math Homework Like if It`s Going To Be Done In A Blink. #IWish
Status By: anonymous
college books be like:
$375.99 new
$375.00 used.
Status By: anonymous
Summer please don`t end
Status By: anonymous
can i please have $6281937366328 for back to school clothes please
Status By: anonymous

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