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*every student when the teacher`s late* “you know there’s a rule where if the teacher’s not here after 15 minutes we can just leave”
Status By: anonymous
My main goal in life is to go to my high school reunion looking hot as f-ck.
Status By: anonymous
1. I`m tired.
2. I`m cold.
3. I don`t get it.
4. I`m hungry.
5. What time is it?
6. I want to go home.
Status By: anonymous
No teacher, I don`t know the answer, that`s why my hand wasn`t raised.
Status By: anonymous
Wish school started at like... never.
Status By: anonymous
Mom: How is your GPA this semester?
Me: The important thing is that we have our health.
Status By: anonymous
Summer makes you realize who your true friends are & who are just "school friends"
Status By: anonymous
School Supplies: 1. Cellphone. 2. Charger 3. Headphones 4. iPod 5. Snacks 6. Homework. That I copied 7. Money
Status By: anonymous
Me + Mathematics = Syntax error.
Status By: anonymous
Dear Internet, please stop being awesome, I need to do my homework.
Status By: anonymous
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