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College: where you have absolutely nothing to do for a month and then all of the sudden you have 4 exams and 2 papers due in one week
Status By: anonymous
That scary moment when your teacher says that they`re gonna start calling on random people.
Status By: anonymous
During an exam, I add up all the possible marks I might get, to feel better
Status By: anonymous
Taking a well deserved break after writing the title of your assignment.
Status By: anonymous
the dumbest thing is when parents say “this isnt how i raised you” like ?????? yes it really is you literally raised me and here i am
Status By: anonymous
That boss feeling when you taught somebody something new.
Status By: Sizwe
Do you ever use one pencil in school and you get emotionally attached to it and then you lose it and its just another reason to be sad.
Status By: anonymous
Fact: High school isn`t as fun as it appears to be on TV.
Status By: anonymous
*goes back to school after a long break* how do i hold a pen
Status By: anonymous
me: wow i finally understand math
*moves on to next question*
me: what the hell is this
Status By: anonymous
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