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No mom, I don`t know what I got on my test. I just took it today.
Status By: anonymous
That face expression you make when you got paired with the laziest classmate in class.
Status By: anonymous
Step 1) Take out homework. Step 2) Reward self with 2 hours of internet for making it that far...
Status By: anonymous
LMS if Writing "etc" on a test because you don`t remember any more examples.
Status By: anonymous
Teacher : What do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer
interested? Student : A teacher.
Status By: Bhumswrang
That 5 minutes party you have when the teacher leaves the class.
Status By: anonymous
teacher: How can we keep the school clean.
me: By staying at home! :D
Status By: Sonali
How to do math: 1. Write down question. 2. Cry.
Status By: anonymous
Student`s language: "no question" means "i don`t really understand anything."
Status By: anonymous
When I get bored in class, I read those cheesy posters teachers put up around the classroom.
Status By: anonymous

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