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LIKE IF: "FIGHT!!!!" *whole school runs*
Status By: anonymous
That kid who volunteers to read aloud and is practically illiterate.
Status By: anonymous
My brain is 5% names, 2% phone numbers, 3% stuff I should know for school, and 90% song lyrics.
Status By: anonymous
In class = sleep mode on | After class = hyperactive.......STARTS!!!
Status By: anonymous
Seriously, teachers, weekends are for refreshing. Not for doing homework.
Status By: anonymous
After the Exam.. To Friend: "Oh dude, I`m Gonna Fail!" To Mom: "It was SUPERB good :) :D
Status By: Sarvesh
That awkward moment when you`re stretching in class and accidentally touch someone else`s face.
Status By: anonymous
School shopping is fun until you realize what you`re shopping for.
Status By: anonymous
When your teacher gives a 30 minute speech about not wasting time.
Status By: anonymous
Going back to school, feeling all serious about it, but then after like a week you can't hold it in and you muck around again;)
Status By: Nick

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