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There should be an `I Don`t Know` option on a test so I can be correct more frequently.
Status By: anonymous
During a test when the teacher passes by you cover your answers with one hand so that the teacher can`t see how stupid you are.
Status By: anonymous
``You`re supposed to be doing your homework.`` ``I am.`` ``Then why are you on Facebook?`` ``..I`m asking my friend for help."
Status By: anonymous
"Do you have a pencil" "Nope" *Looks down at bag of pencils* *Evil laugh*
Status By: anonymous
During Exams I always think that, "when am I going to use this in my life" LIKE if you feel the same too.
Status By: anonymous
During Exams - We wait for a miracle to happen.
Status By: anonymous
Student: Miss I did my homework but I left my book at home
Teacher: How do I know your not lying, Detention!!
Next Day...
Teacher: Oh sorry kids, I did mark your books but I left them at home ...
Status By: Ameerah
Cheating is like eating fast food: You do it, you enjoy it, and then you feel like shit.
Status By: anonymous
I think my phone is broken. I pressed the "Home" button yet I`m still still at school -.-
Status By: anonymous
Parents:"School is your job!" Us: "Really, then where is my pay check?"
Status By: anonymous

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