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Music facebook statuses

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Music makes me high, I know it makes you high too.
Status By: Jasmine
My Brain = 80% song lyrics
Status By: anonymous
When happy, you`re enjoying the music. When sad, you`re understanding the lyrics.
Status By: anonymous
Car Rides without Music = AWKWARD
Status By: anonymous
That awkward moment when an artist you hate releases a good song.
Status By: anonymous
That song on your iPod that you always skip, but never delete.
Status By: anonymous
Status By: Isaack
Dear iPod, When I put you on shuffle, what I really mean is play my favorite songs..
Status By: anonymous
Singing na-na-na when I can`t remember a part of song lyric.
Status By: anonymous
That annoying moment when you have to keep removing your headphones because someone keeps talking to you.
Status By: Alex

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