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It`s new day , and a chance to try again
Status By: Ana
That best mood where you think everything is hilarious. ♥
Status By: anonymous
What i if told you.....that you read the top line wrong?
Status By: anonymous
Did you know that the word "suns" upside down is still "suns"? Mind = BLOWN
Status By: anonymous
The player always ends up played. When you attempt to play the one who actually cares about you, you`re actually playing yourself.
Status By: anonymous
Don`t count how many new friends you can make. Count how many old friends you can keep.
Status By: anonymous
Psychological fact: The person you can`t take your mind off every now and then is the same person who secretly thinks of you always.
Status By: anonymous
Mom:Hey Son
Son:Hey Mom
Mom:Are You Home?
Son:No i`m At Wal-Mart
Status By: Jeff
Friends make the bad times good and the good times unforgettable.
Status By: anonymous
10 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope. Today we have no Jobs, no Cash and no Hope.
Status By: anonymous

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