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Oprah makes: $315,000,000/year $26,000,000/month $6,000,000/week $850,000/day $35,000/hour $600/minute $10/second Jealous? Me too.
Status By: Roseanne
Guilty people answer questions with a question.
Status By: anonymous
They should have cell phone chargers in waiting rooms instead of magazines.
Status By: anonymous
Dear phone companies, please make all phones have the same phone charger.
Status By: anonymous
When I was kid, whenever I saw an abandoned dog on the street, I wanted to take him home.
Status By: anonymous
I used to think I`d catch a cold simply by being in cold weather for too long.
Status By: anonymous
I`m not hiding anything, but stop looking at my phone while I`m texting.
Status By: anonymous
That awesome moment when the person you miss randomly texts you.
Status By: anonymous
"K"? Yeah, get back to me when you learn the rest of the alphabet, dumb ass.
Status By: Dorian
watch my words and listen to my faceā€¦i honestly don`t care.
Status By: Blair

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