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Biggest mistake I have made in my life is.... letting people stay in my life far longer than they deserve.
Status By: anonymous
For a very short period of time, you were the youngest person in the world!
Status By: anonymous
Pushing doors that say pull and looking like an idiot.
Status By: anonymous
I wish my brain had a GPS to tell me where my heart should go.
Status By: anonymous
Staying up late every night... Regretting it every morning... then doing it all over again!! Just me..?
Status By: anonymous
When Karma Finally Hits You In The Face; I`ll be there.... Just in case it needs some help.
Status By: anonymous
What counts nowadays: 98% looks, 2% personality.
Status By: anonymous
They ignore you now but they will need you later, thats life.
Status By: विशाल
Who needs a massage chair when your car has a bass system?
Status By: Tyra
Seeing an attractive person in public and thinking "Damn, I`ll never see them again."
Status By: anonymous

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