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That moment of "Ha! Told ya bitch" when your proving someone wrong.
Status By: anonymous
Why do people with bad breath always want to tell you secrets?
Status By: anonymous
I always wonder if you smile at my texts, like I smile at yours.
Status By: anonymous
That very sad moment when you find an old conversation between you and someone you don`t talk to anymore.
Status By: anonymous
I hate when I ask my mom how to spell something and she sais "look it up in the dictionary". I would but I don`t know how to spell it!
Status By: Jaymie
"I will NOT forget.... I will NOT forget...." *next day* "So.. did you bring it?" "Shhhiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt, (._.)"
Status By: anonymous
lazy moment when you wanna change the channel but you lost the remote, and really don`t feel like getting up.
Status By: Ash
I hate it when my parents compare me to another person. Why don`t you kidnap him and brain wash him to be your son?? -___-
Status By: anonymous
The fact that I can’t have you, makes me want you even more.
Status By: anonymous
I can`t hear you, so I`ll just laugh and hope it wasn`t a question.
Status By: anonymous

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