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Oh, you have a cigarette behind your ear? Thanks for reminding me how incredibly badass you are.
Status By: anonymous
My daily routine: Wake up, be awesome, go back to sleep.
Status By: anonymous
The biggest mistake I have made in my life is letting people stay in my life longer than they deserved to.
Status By: anonymous
I`ve decided to get in shape... The shape of a potato.
Status By: anonymous
I don`t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.
Status By: anonymous
They`ve promised that dreams can come true. But forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams, too :|
Status By: anonymous
Admit it. You care about too many people who would never care about you.
Status By: anonymous
Never in my life, I`v seen a bully steal a kids lunch money -.-
Status By: Roseanne
Not telling me something because you "didn`t want to piss me off" is probably the best way to piss me off.
Status By: anonymous
I was like, "Bitch Please`
Status By: Shadi

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