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I hate when i’m trying to blow out birthday candles and little kids try to do it with me excuse you it’s not your birthday so take a step back
Status By: anonymous
95% of the time "I don`t know" is just an excuse given by someone who is avoiding the truth
Status By: anonymous
My parents find it hard to punish me now because I literally care about nothing
Status By: anonymous
If you`re single:
1. You`re either talking to someone
2. Stuck on an ex
3. Chasing someone who`s taken
4. Ignoring someone who wants you
Status By: anonymous
Don`t ever be a victim of your own life. Don`t come to me with "I can`t do it because of something/someone" bullshit. You are in charge.
Status By: Dorian
Mosquitos are just vampire flies.
Status By: anonymous
One pillow for under the head and one pillow for hugging that’s how it goes.
Status By: anonymous
Apologies are getting way too overused, sorry has no meaning nowadays
Status By: anonymous
Dear bed,

I know I left you this morning, but I love you. Will you take me back?

A Sleepy Me.
Status By: anonymous
Feeling like an idiot when people scream your name and you can`t find them.
Status By: anonymous

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