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LIKE if Some mistakes are way too fun to only make once. ;)
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF : ME: "OMG I have to tell you this story about-" *starts laughing* *deep breath* "Ok there was this..." *starts laughing*
Status By: anonymous
Like if this happens to you all the time..
You: OMG!!!
Friend: What! Is there a cute boy?
You: NO!
Friend: Then What?
You: Ugh! I forgot :/
Status By: Megan
LIKE IF Saying "What" but then 1 second later realizing what they said.
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF Saying, "that`s attractive" after witnessing something very unattractive..
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF Having one of those days where your hair looks like Hagrid`s from Harry Potter.
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF:Closing your left and right eye to see how an object changes places when you`re extremely bored..
Status By: Nishant
LIKE if you are NO LONGER friends with someone you ONCE called your "BESTFRIEND"
Status By: anonymous
LIKE if you also Watching a funny movie after a scary one to try to reduce the risk of nightmares.
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF:There`s always that one person who always catches you doing something weird.
Status By: anonymous

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