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Romantic love statuses

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It`s funny how someone can break your heart, and you can still love them with all the broken pieces.
Status By: anonymous
I don`t believe in love at first sight. It means your falling in love with someones appearence, and not their personality.
Status By: anonymous
relationships are like a mirror, if you dont take care they can break easily...
Status By: Aakash
Any man can love a thousand women,but a good man loves one woman a thousand ways <3
Status By: Danial
*Finds out crush isn`t at school today* "Damn wasted outfit"
Status By: anonymous
Grow younger, live longer, move harder, and love stronger.
Status By: anonymous
For some relationships, out of sight is out of mind... for ours, absence makes the heart grow fonder
Status By: anonymous
You`re kinda, basically, pretty much, sort of always on my mind.
Status By: anonymous
If two people are happy together, then leave them to it. It`s THEIR lives.
Status By: anonymous
The difference between like,love,and in love is the same as for now, for a while, and forever.
Status By: anonymous

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