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Romantic love statuses

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What i feel for you is a feeling i`ve Never EVER felt for someone else. So please try to appreciate it
Status By: Karen
Everyone says love is blind but I say life is blind without love.
Status By: anonymous
For you, I was just a chapter. But for me, you were the whole book.
Status By: anonymous
I deserve so much more for the sacrifices I have made, but I have learned life is not fair and neither is love.
Status By: anonymous
Don’t ever hide your feelings. Because someone’s willing to hear them.
Status By: anonymous
Let`s just stay friends = Let`s never talk again.
Status By: anonymous
I don`t care about your words ` I ♥ you ` But I JUST NEED THE PROOF THAT YOU ♥ ME :)
Status By: anonymous
LIKE IF: love? I forgot the meaning of it very long ago.
Status By: Memz Alemdar
It`s funny how someone can break your heart, and you can still love them with all the broken pieces.
Status By: anonymous
I don`t believe in love at first sight. It means your falling in love with someones appearence, and not their personality.
Status By: anonymous

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