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If a police officer says anything you say will be taken down & used as evidence.Ur answer should always be,please don`t hit me again officer.
Status By: anonymous
There are two types of people in this world. People that pee in the shower, and L.I.A.R.S.
Status By: anonymous
Isn`t it ironic how the colors Red, White and Blue represent freedom - Until they`re flashing behind you.
Status By: anonymous
$19.99 because 20$ is way to high of a price.
Status By: anonymous
Being high is a false sense of euphoria, and is a true sense of paranoia.
Status By: Jay
I have an inferiority complex about my superiority complex. I know I`m better than you, but I feel really bad about it.
Status By: Dorian
Want to feel rich? Count the things you have that money can`t buy.
Status By: anonymous
Care less, and you won`t be so stressed.
Status By: anonymous
Do it now. Sometimes "later" becomes never.
Status By: anonymous
Don`t look back when you know you shouldn`t.
Status By: anonymous
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