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if i google a question i dont want some fancy article i just want a yahoo answers reply
Status By: anonymous
My texting speed varies from embarrassingly fast to 2 business days later.
Status By: anonymous
*gets close to flappy bird high score*

*eyes start to water*
*body starts to itch*
*grip on your phone suddenly becomes uncomfortable*
Status By: anonymous
"I love One Direction"

Well I love McDonalds but you don`t see me making an account pretending to be a chicken nugget, do you?
Status By: anonymous
what if someone printed out your tweets and threw them around the school like in mean girls
Status By: anonymous
Swipe left or right on the iPhone calculator to delete the last digit. This way, you won`t have to start all over.
Status By: anonymous
"going to bed" means switching from my computer to my phone and spending another hour mobile tweeting in the dark.
Status By: anonymous
Nothing`s worse than going on a trip and forgetting my..... CHARGER.
Status By: anonymous
Dear iPhone, I have typed "hahaha" like a million times, yet you continually give me "hagaha", "bahaha", "gagaha" ...I hate you.
Status By: anonymous
We are the WTF generation:
W - Wikipedia
T - Twitter
F - Facebook
Status By: anonymous
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