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You know what really turns me on?
Status By: anonymous
Birthdays then: Look at all these presents!
Birthdays now: Look at all these notifications!
Status By: anonymous
We should have Wi-Fi bracelets...
So you can wear them anywhere and have a Wi-Fi connection.
Status By: anonymous
Refreshing twitter every 5 mins without any reason.
Status By: anonymous
*Playing a game for first time*
"Would you like to try the tutorial first?"
Me: "No"
*moments later*
Me: "How the hell do you play this?"
Status By: anonymous
It’s 2013 and i still can’t teleport to other countries to hang out with my internet friends is this some kind of joke ?
Status By: anonymous
checking your phone to see what time it is and checking it again because the first time you weren`t paying attention.
Status By: anonymous
If you put "#pretty" on your selfies on instagram,
I`m judging you.
Status By: anonymous
"You don`t get another chance, life is no nintendo game." - Eminem
Status By: anonymous
shoutout to all the people who ask the awkward questions on yahoo answers so that we don’t have to.
Status By: anonymous

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