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I`m not stealing my neighbor`s WiFi, their WiFi is trespassing into my house.
Status By: anonymous
Dear Ad.Fly, I will always "Skip this ad."
Status By: Alex
Mom: "Let me see your Twitter." Me: *Throws computer out the window* "What Twitter?!"
Status By: anonymous
Call of Duty is like an iPhone. New game every year, basically the same.
Status By: anonymous
"Page 404 not found." But I wasn`t even looking for page 404...
Status By: anonymous
Having an awesome moment and thinking "I have to tweet that!"
Status By: anonymous
I used to watch TV, read the paper, and listen to the radio. Now I watch the Internet, read the Internet, and listen to the Internet.
Status By: anonymous
Studies show that Internet is making us lonely, depressed and possibly crazy.
Status By: anonymous
iPhone 5,preferred by people who have more money than sense.
Status By: Abdul
We all have tried the neighbors WiFi to see if it works..
Status By: anonymous

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