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Me on Facebook =
Status By: anonymous
Do u ever stalk yourself on instagram after someone follows you. just to see what they see...
Status By: anonymous
You used to call me on my Nokia Late night when I play snakes
Status By: anonymous
my phone: Storage Almost Full
me: be quiet
Status By: anonymous
Taking screenshots is all fun and games until u send it to the wrong person
Status By: anonymous
if I don`t use emojis when we text we`re not friends
Status By: anonymous
Viewing a snapchat and forgetting to respond, and not knowing what to send back because you forgot what they sent you.
Status By: anonymous
When your selfie doesn`t get enough favs so you reply to it
Status By: anonymous
talking to people who doesnt use emojis are so depressing idk whether youre happy or sad or mad when youre talking to me
Status By: anonymous
i wish i could be a youtuber

but too awkward
don’t have a nice camera
not attractive enough
not interesting enough
not creative in any way
Status By: anonymous
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