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Am I the only one that likes to move around while talking on the phone? I can`t just stay in one spot.
Status By: anonymous
you don`t know struggle if you never had a phone charger that only charges if you lay and bend it a certain way
Status By: anonymous
When your iphone charger starts wearing a turtleneck, you know the end is coming
Status By: anonymous
You are Notifications to my Facebook
You are Tweets to my Twitter

You are Photoes to my Instragram
You are Videos to my Youtube

You are subject to my Email
You are Messages to my Gmail

You are the one For me
Status By: anonymous
Wahtsapp makes me forget that I have text messages.
Status By: anonymous
if you’re willing to stay in on a saturday night and watch netflix and cuddle with me, it’s official we’re getting married
Status By: anonymous
Save your PowerPoint presentation as a "PowerPoint Show" (.ppsx) and it will open directly to the slideshow
Status By: anonymous
me at restaurants: is there wi-fi
me at the beach: is there wi-fi
me at family parties: is there wi-fi
me in hell: is there wi-fi
Status By: anonymous
If I fail my exams, I`m blaming Choco blocks
Status By: anonymous
I swore to myself I`d never download Choco Blocks...I lied.
Status By: anonymous
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