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The mini heart attack you have when you`re home alone on the computer and an ad starts talking.
Status By: anonymous
Being popular on Twitter is like sitting at the cool table in the cafeteria…... of a mental hospital.
Status By: anonymous
My mom told me not to talk to strangers, but then I made a Twitter account & it became a hobby.
Status By: anonymous
Im cleaning out my friends list again.. So if you dont want to be here then "Go Away!"
Status By: Hillary
I delete and retype my entire password if I think I might have mistyped one letter
Status By: anonymous
When you type your password in the username section and you have to hope no one saw it.
Status By: anonymous
*Checks who`s online*. Oh shit, LOG OUT LOG OUT LOG OUT!!! "Hey what`s up?" Damn!
Status By: anonymous
most of the people who uses internet has googled themselves at least once
Status By: Bruno
When your mom decides to be in the room while you`re on the computer, so you just switch to Google and stare at it.
Status By: anonymous
Yes, I know. There are unused icons on my desktop. DEAL WITH IT.
Status By: anonymous

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