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Facebook statuses for mans

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To all The girls that says
"Men Don`t Have Feelings"

Men have feelings too.
For example, we feel hungry..
Status By: anonymous
They don`t miss you when you`re gone, they miss you when you move on.
Status By: anonymous
Getting friend zoned is like writing a 5 page essay only to find out you wrote it on the wrong topic.
Status By: anonymous
If it can`t be fixed with duct tape, it`s time to buy a new one.
Status By: anonymous
Women Logic: I want my intelligence, humor and wit to be taken seriously so that`s why I post cleavage pics.
Status By: Dorian
There`s no man who ever closed his pants zip with a left hand.
Status By: Sizwe
Always compliment looks on a date. They spent a lot of time looking good for you.
Status By: anonymous
"I`m gonna wear this shirt that shows 3/4 of my boobs. Then I`m gonna call YOU a pervert for looking" - Girl logic
Status By: anonymous
Best Relationship Status: . . I am not Single..... I am on Money Saving Mode.
Status By: anonymous
Don`t try to understand women.
Women understand women and they hate each other.
Status By: anonymous

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